Visual Arts Majors

Work by Paris Bezanis, BA Thesis Exhibition, "And now the weather," 2020

Visual Arts majors begin their investigation of the visual world through one of three 100-level courses that explore two and three dimensional phenomena (ARTV 10100 or ARTV 10200) or time-based media (ARTV 10300). In subsequent coursework students explore the expressive potential of various media, deciding upon one or a combination, which most fully supports the investigation of their ideas. In the spring of their junior year, Visual Arts majors take a required seminar which combines making images with written analyses of art objects in museums and galleries, and the reading of theoretical and historical material. At the end of the junior year, students can apply for the Studio Track. Studio Track students work with Visual Arts faculty throughout the senior year to mount an exhibition in the spring. Studio Track students are also eligible to apply for studio space in the Logan Center.  For more information on program requirements, courses, and the studio track, please visit the College Catalog.