Academic Resources

Division of the Humanities

The Division of the Humanities comprises 18 degree programs across 16 departments and committees, with approximately 800 students from around the world enrolled in our PhD, MFA, and MA programs. The Division teaches fifty foreign languages on a regular basis, and the three master's programs offer remarkable opportunities for students to advance their knowledge of a field in an interdisciplinary context through courses taught by some of the world's leading scholars.

UChicago Grad

UChicagoGRAD is a dedicated resource for graduate students and postdocs to receive personalized, flexible training to complement their academic pursuits—from fellowship and writing support, to career preparation and internships, to training in public speaking and networking.

Department of Art History

For more than a century, art historians at the University of Chicago have made transformative interventions in the discipline. Today, the Department of Art History proudly looks back on this history as it distinguishes itself with a combination of global scope, object-driven research, and committed interdisciplinarity. Faculty and students pursue research spanning five continents, as historical strengths in Asian, European, and North American art have expanded to include Latin American and Islamic art, as well as the relations between these and other geographical areas traditionally treated in isolation. That work is supported by the University's internationally recognized departments and centers in area studies with robust language offerings.


T.J. Clark, OPC event no. 166, Presented with the Department of Art History
“Art in Dark Times: Matisse's ‘Garden at Issy’, 1917”, T.J. Clark, OPC no. 166, Presented with the Department of Art History

Research in Art & Visual Evidence Workshop

The Research in Art and Visual Evidence (RAVE) Workshop provides a forum for University of Chicago graduate students—and the occasional faculty member or outside speaker—to present their works-in-progress that center on art or any type of visual and material culture. While the workshop is hosted by the Department of Art History, RAVE serves as an important venue for multi-disciplinary scholarship that grapples with visual material in our increasingly visual world. RAVE is thus uniquely positioned to provide visually-minded scholars from across the university with the opportunity to receive feedback from art historians, while also ensuring that art historians think broadly and experimentally about their projects.

Department of Cinema and Media Studies

The Department of Cinema and Media Studies with its Film Studies Center is a lively hub of courses and seminars, screenings, and workshops that contribute to the University of Chicago’s longstanding tradition of cross-disciplinary scholarship and intellectual debate. The Department is dedicated to pursuing innovative work in the history, culture, and theory of film and related media. Our research and teaching locate cinema in broader traditions of moving image culture including new and emergent media and a diverse array of artistic and vernacular practices.

Film Studies Center

The Film Studies Center serves as the support facility and research center for the Department of Cinema and Media Studies (CMS) at the University of Chicago. It provides an ideal site for students and faculty to explore film and other media and plays a vital role in fostering serious interdisciplinary film scholarship. The Center supports classroom teaching, curricular film screening, and individual research in its dedicated screening room and media classrooms, and through the development of its video library and archival film collection. In addition to providing curricular support, the FSC hosts an array of public events programming: archival film screenings, conferences and symposia, workshops, and programs with visiting artists and film scholars.


Peggy Ahwesh & Catherine Sullivan, OPC no. 196, Presented with the Film Studies Center
Peggy Ahwesh & Catherine Sullivan, OPC no. 196, Presented with the Film Studies Center

Digital Media Workshop

The Digital Media Workshop is a forum for students and faculty who work on issues of digital media across the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences at the University of Chicago. As digital media spans theoretical scholarship, scientific inquiry, and artistic practice, this workshop is a highly interdisciplinary site for engaging the political, aesthetic, social, cultural, and technical dimensions of digital media across its many formats. The Digital Media Workshop is held in the Media Arts, Data, and Design Center. As such, this workshop operates as a laboratory where scholars can convene to discuss, design, and test a range of computational and digital media platforms, including digital games, electronic music, virtual & augmented reality, biometrics, motion capture, alternate reality games, machine learning, and other human-computer interaction.

Mass Culture Workshop

The Mass Culture Workshop is a forum that meets weekly at Cobb Hall for recent and ongoing academic research on the historical, theoretical, and practical dimensions of modern mass media, including cinema, television, journalism, popular music, photography, advertising, fashion, public amusements, and computer technology. Because the scope of many forms of mass culture extends beyond the boundaries of any one discipline, the Workshop is committed to interdisciplinary work.

Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality seeks to integrate the innovations of the last fifty years in the study of women, gender, and sexuality into the core research and teaching mission of the University of Chicago by advancing new forms of interdisciplinary knowledge that connect academic learning to worldly problems and contexts. We are a resource for the University of Chicago community about issues pertaining to gender and sexuality, and we seek to bridge research and academic coursework with student development, leadership, and coalition building.

Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture

From its inception, CSRPC faculty affiliates, students, and staff have been committed to establishing a new type of research institute devoted to the study of race and ethnicity, one that seeks to expand the study of race beyond the black/white paradigm while exploring social and identity cleavages within racialized communities. Scholars affiliated with the Center have also endeavored to make race and ethnicity central topics of intellectual investigation at the University of Chicago by fostering interdisciplinary research, teaching, and public debate. Fundamentally, the Center is committed to contributing intellectually challenging and innovative scholarship that can help people transform their thinking and their lives. Towards those goals, the Center provides funding and other types of support for projects initiated by faculty affiliates, graduate students, undergraduates, artists-in-residence and visiting fellows.

Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs is dedicated to enhancing a vibrant international community and to fostering cross-cultural experience. They welcome, support and strengthen diversity through advocacy and holistic service. They can assist you and your family with the visa process and offer many more resources, including information about tax responsibilities for international students.

Chicago Center for Teaching

The Chicago Center for Teaching provides a wide range of services to UChicago graduate student instructors, postdocs, and faculty for professional and pedagogical development. CCT’s Teaching Consultants facilitate peer observations and feedback for grad students and postdocs. These include individual teaching consultations, comprised of recorded classroom observation and pre- and post-meetings to discuss course goals and concerns, as well as mid-course review sessions.

The Little Red Schoolhouse (Writing Courses)

The Writing Program specializes in courses geared towards the needs of writers who are experts in scholarly, research, and professional fields. They also introduce first-year students to the study and practice of expert writing as well as offer graduate students and advanced undergraduates courses in special writing topics such as argument, style, legal writing, and non-fiction narrative.

Their flagship course, Academic and Professional Writing (aka "The Little Red Schoolhouse," English 13000/33000), offers principles of clear writing that will allow you to anticipate and to change how readers respond to your work -- whether those readers are professors, professionals, or the general public.

Office of Career Advancement

Career Advancement aims to provide University of Chicago students and alumni with experiential learning opportunities in a variety of fields. We promote University of Chicago talent to a wide range of employers and institutions in order to expand the set of jobs, internships, and other opportunities available to them. We maintain a dynamic global network of students, alumni, friends, and employers to foster connections that are beneficial to all involved.