Painting and its Humors, a symposium

October 30, 2015
Logan Center for the Arts & Midway Studios, University of Chicago
"Painting and its Humors, a symposium"

Painting and its Humors, a symposium is a day-long fling intended to let fresh air back into art after the much ballyhooed "Death of Painting.”

The symposium examines painting as a site of theoretical improvisation and artistic slapstick in an effort to create alternate itineraries for thinking about what a work is, what artists do, and aesthetic experience.

Participants in the round-tables will include: Lauren Berlant, Zachary Cahill, Jessica Campbell, Vitaly Komar, David Leggett, Laura Owens, William Pope. L, Michael Portnoy, Jacob Proctor, David Robbins, Suellen Rocca, Jan Verwoert, Scott Wolniak, and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung.

9:30 -12:00pm Midway Studios (Great Hall), 929 East 60th Street
David Legett, Laura Owens, Jan Verwoert, Scott Wolniak; moderated by Zachary Cahill

1:00-3:00pm Logan Center for the Arts (room 203), 915 E 60th Street
Jessica Campbell, Vitaly Komar, Michael Portnoy, David Robbins; moderated by Jacob Proctor

3:00-5:00pm Logan Center for the Arts (room 901), 915 E 60th Street
William Pope. L, Suellen Rocca, Molly Zuckerman- Hartung; moderated by Lauren Berlant

Presented with the Infrastructures for the Comedic, a Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society project with Catherine Sullivan, Zachary Cahill, and Lauren Berlant