Comedy Central: 2013 OPC Seminar Exhibition

June 17th—August 28th, 2013
YouTube Channel

"Comedy Central: 2013 OPC Seminar Exhibition"
Featuring: Felicia Crespo, Jonah Freedman, Colin Griffin, Yemurai Katemauswa, Stephen Lurie, Tucker Rae-Grant, Lauren Riensche, Alexander Sellers, Harrison Sherrod, Paul Somers, Eric Stone, Scott Wolniak, and Jan Verwoert.

Exhibition on view 24/7 at :

It’s summer. You're tired. Distracted. You go to the galleries, but you keep checking your phone. Really, you’d rather be home on the couch watching T.V. and/or surfing the web with a ceiling fan and glass of lemonade. Who can blame you? It’s too damn hot and that’s where the exhibition Comedy Central would rather be too—on the couch. We don’t want to be the exhibition you take a cab to go see,  or make a special visit to such and such a place. Travel is nice, but it can be a drag with all those lines and magnetometers at the airport. We want to be the the distraction... the thing you’re looking at when you are supposed to be doing something else. Stay in your pajamas and watch Comedy Central the exhibition.

Comedy Central the 2013 OPC seminar exhibition grew out of a class this spring by the same name. Through readings, discussions, projects, and guest lectures the participants investigated the comedic in various manifestations. By considering a number of writings on the subject from Henri Bergson’s early philosophical text Laughter to artist David Robbin’s wonderful book Concrete Comedy the seminar tried to get a handle on the very mercurial object that is comedy.

What is funny after all? Who can say? What is the difference between  what we colloquially  refer to  as “ha-ha funny” and “funny strange”? Are they so different? When do we stop laughing and start to become disturbed by the comedic object? Does the sometimes disturbing nature of what is funny have any social function whatsoever?

This is an exhibition in the form of a YouTube Channel that is both funny and strange.


**With very special thanks to Leslie Buxbaum Danzig, Ted Cohen, Jan Verwoert and Scott Wolniak.