Arne Svenson

Image taken from the recording of event no. 158 of the Open Practice Committee

May 6, 2019
Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago

Some time ago Arne Svenson began photographing the windows of a neighboring building through the windows of his. He was intrigued not only by the implied stories within the frame of the glass but also by the play of light upon the subjects, the shadows, the framing of the structure and the references to historical painting. He records the turn of the head, the graceful arc of a hand, the human form obscured by drapery --Svenson is not photographing the people as specific, identifiable individuals, more as representations of human kind, of us. Careful not to reveal identities -- the strength of the imagery lies in fact that we can see ourselves in the anonymous figures of The Neighbors.
Arne Svenson's art practice has led him down numerous and varied paths of visual exploration from landscape photographs of Las Vegas to portraits of sock monkeys, forensic facial reconstructions, chewed dog toys and medical museum specimens, most of which he will speak more in-depth during this artist talk.
Arne Svenson, The Invisible 16, 2017