“Rendevous on the L”: The Intersections of Chicago Life in Art and Politics with Mujeres Mutantes


“Rendevous on the L”: The Intersections of Chicago Life in Art and Politics with Mujeres Mutantes
Thursday, October 15, 6PM

In this workshop Mujeres Mutantes will explore the role of artists as mediators and culture creators for the community. They will share their personal stories of using the train as a conduit to connect to other communities within the arts and Hip-Hop culture, and write short stories and poetry to share, and contribute to a Virtual Zine “Rendezvous on the L” the metaphorical place where we can all meet now in the year of Covid- 19 and the nation’s current political climate. This virtual writing workshop is hosted by Delilah D. Salgado and Gloria Talamantes.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81146386905

Mujeres Mutantes (MM) is an all-woman Latinx art collective with roots all across Chicago’s South and West Sides. MM was founded in 2012 by Naomi Martinez and Delilah Salgado after years of dialog and collaborations, some dating back to 1995. The group’s initial goal was to be a platform for collaborations and exhibitions with other like-minded women who were already working independently to challenge the status quo in the art community. MM is an eclectic group of multidisciplinary artists. They are local business owners, mothers, and educators who believe that public art nurtures community and that creative expression is crucial to our self-actualization. Today, MM’s mission is to create opportunities to empower other women to make art, share stories, and promote art as a healing practice for communities affected by street violence and domestic abuse. 

Collective members: Delilah Salgado, Gloria Talamantes, Naomi Martinez, Adriana Peña

This event is presented by the Hyde Park Arts Center