Undergraduate Program: Additional Course Offerings


Once the basic language (color, space, line, figure ground, weight, mass, volume, form, composition, narration, etc.) is in hand, the student is prepared to tackle the intricacies of making expressive objects which communicate an understanding of their location in the world. Painting, photography, drawing, printmaking and sculpture courses provide students opportunities to understand the expressive potential of the visual world through a particular medium. In these courses they begin the process of learning to engage their imagination and articulate their insights through the physical limits and the language specific to that medium.

Thematic courses such as "What's Love Got to Do with It?: The Genres of Romance" and other non-media bound courses such as Collaborative Art, Installation, Visual Construction of Memory, and Art and Experience are taught on occasion and can bring together faculty across disciplines (see the College Catalog for sample course descriptions).

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