DoVA faculty arrange MFA student trips to various locations nationally and internationally. In recent years, Laura Letinsky and Geof Oppenheimer have organized trips to China and India through partnerships with the University's Beijing and Delhi Centers. Last summer, DoVA's MFA students attended documenta 14 and Skulptur Projekte Münster. These trips have been especially useful in giving our graduate students a broader view of the international art world with visits to artist studios such as Ai Wiewei.

"In so many ways, this trip to Beijing symbolized the reasons an individual seeks out the support of a university in the first place-- to accomplish/experience/complete/etc something bigger than what is capable on an individual level. Of course it’s possible to travel as an individual but the relationship we’ve developed with the Renmin University students, the wide range of people we met and the rigor of those conversations is, in so many words, quintessentially UChicago. There’s also something irrefutably impactful about experiencing something so vastly different from “home” during graduate school, a time when the goal is a kind of complete upset of the status quo.... Furthermore, China inspired me to never stop learning." - Carris Adams (MFA '15)